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June RAM Life

This time of the year seems to be super busy for everyone!  That is when we need to find quick and simple solutions for our fitness and nutrition.  Below you can find quick, 10 minute workouts and easy-to-fix meals.

****DON'T FORGET you can go back to any of the previous months or challenges and use the ready-to-go menus.  They are great anytime of year! 

10 Minute Solution Workouts:

When you are short on time, these 10 minute workouts can do the trick!  Just be more mindful of your nutritional habits when you don't have as much time to exercise AND keep your leisure walking as many days as possible (even if it's just 10 minutes!).  You don't have to be perfect to see results!  These workouts prove it!

10 Minute Upper Body Workout

10 Minute Core Workout

10 Minute Booty Workout


Quick Fix Meal Ideas:

We all know how important good nutrition is, but we also know that we don't always have a lot of time on our hands.  These following meal ideas are great when you are short on time but still care about your health.  Again, these are not perfect meals, but they are WAY better than running through the drive-thru.

Quick Fix Spaghetti with veggies

Rotisserie Chicken + Steamed Frozen Veggies + 90 Second Brown Rice

Beef Tacos

Salad Bar to the Rescue! 


If you want a more structured plan, be sure to join our Summer Slim Down Program!  It starts June 5th! 

This program will be geared towards making better choices, being prepared each week with meal planning and prepping and working out effectively. 

Be sure to see the PORTAL here----->>>>>Summer Slim Down Portal