Club B.F.F.


Club BFF is built upon the idea of living your happiest and best life NOW!

Coach Rae Anne

Meet Your New B.F.F.!

Over the last 20 years I have been seeking my best life. After living through weight gain, weight loss, motherhood, owning a business, developing and conquering an autoimmune disease, and watching hundreds of women struggle and fight, I have discovered what I believe is the secret to happiness. Balanced nutrition, fitness and freedom - these are the three areas that have created my happiest life and I want to share how and why.

Finding true balance in your life is almost impossible. There really is no way to be perfectly equal in every area of your life.  However, I do believe when you learn to go with the ebbs and flows of life, you will feel more balanced overall. Just like the seasons change, so does our motivation, our drive and our spirit.

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Being "fit" in life is a state of mind. Being fit physically is important for our health and our minds, but there are other ways to be fit as well.  Fit in our relationships, fit in our career, fit in our faith, and fit in our hobbies and skills. With focus and determination, we can be fit in all areas.

Freedom is also a state of mind. I aim to be "free" from unjust ideas, unrealistic expectations and free from negative body image and self-destruction. Being free is up to you and what you are willing to do or not do to find your personal freedom.

Club BFF is built upon the idea of living your happiest and best life NOW! No need to wait for your ideal body,  weight or the perfect jean size.  Life is happening now and learning to love life, love your body and love who you are is critical.  

Club B.F.F. is built upon 3 main pillars:

Living a life of balance and freedom is the goal of this membership program and in order to do such a thing, there are 3 main pillars we will focus on:

Balanced Nutrition, Fitness & Movement, and a Resilient Mindset.


Understanding nutrients, what to eat, when to eat, how to eat and also how to enjoy your food is a critical piece of living a life free from the dieting cycle. 



Movement and a consistent fitness plan is an important ingredient when wanting to live your healthiest and most balanced lifestyle. 


Creating a lifestyle full of positive energy is the best way to keep you feeling consistent and productive in all areas of life. 

Fuel & Food

In Club B.F.F. we will focus on creating a balanced and satisfying meal plan by following Coach Rae Anne's signature Balance Method. This will include help with understanding nutrients and why they are important, planning ahead, prepping for the week, new recipes, learning how to be a more mindful eater and how to create moderation in your life so that you never feel like you have to diet again.

Each month we will have a nutrition focus. This may include a mini-challenge some months! No restrictive diets here!


In Club B.F.F. we will focus on scheduling in your workouts, learning the difference between exercise and movement, work on strength, balance and mobility and learn how to create the best schedule for YOU.  

You can workout with me Monday mornings on a LIVE session and then repeat the weekly workout 2-3 more times on your schedule. All LIVE workouts will have a recording and will be saved in your member portal.


Club B.F.F. is all about living your BEST life NOW! Each week, Coach Rae Anne will record a mindset coaching session to help you work on your most important muscle - your brain/mindset. Learning to be free from victimhood, making better choices, learning new habits and finding your self worth is all included in our program.

After losing 65 pounds in 2005, Rae Anne made it her mission in life to help other women and men learn how to be their best. Rae Anne has taught fitness classes since she was 18 years old. Not only is Rae Anne experienced in the fitness industry, but she has been nutrition coaching for years and has taken a special interest in helping people create a mind of iron with her mindset coaching. 

After closing her fitness studio in 2016, she knew there was more she could do to help people feel their best inside and out. She has been leading online fitness classes, working with corporations, hosting online workshops and teaching classes at local gyms. 

In 2017, Rae Anne was diagnosed with Hypothyroid Hashimoto's. Since her diagnosis, Rae Anne has become an expert in thyroid and metabolism function and has a special interest in helping individuals with inflammation and autoimmune. Through this education, Rae Anne was able to heal her own autoimmune disorder and lives symptom-free!

Also, Rae Anne started her podcast, The Balanced, Fit & Free Podcast in 2021 as another way to help teach men and women how to have a healthy and happier lifestyle. 

A tribe for mature women who are like-minded. Women who are ready to live a vibrant and healthy lifestyle! Members of Club B.F.F. desire to have a balanced diet, a balanced lifestyle and a balanced soul. This club is for people who crave support, guidance and accountability. It's like having a coach and a whole team right at your fingertips!

Club B.F.F is NOT a diet plan or a quick-fix program. Instead, it's a way of living. 

Monthly Challenges 

Our club will have a specific challenge each month. The challenges will include nutrition-focused challenges, fitness challenges, meditation challenges, stress management challenges, and more!


Fitness Sessions

Members will have access to 4 brand-new workouts each month. The workouts will have a video and a printable PDF so you can take it with you. We will meet Monday mornings on Zoom for the weekly workout! (Premium Membership)


Weekly Mindset Coaching

All members will have access to the monthly mindset coaching sessions. Mindset is the driving force behind our actions and our results and Coach Rae Anne will help you create a solid and strong mindset.


Monthly Club Meeting

Each month, Coach Rae Anne will be available on Zoom for a group meeting or "coffee talk". This is your opportunity to get personalized coaching or just chat with your coach and others. (Premium Membership)

Private Community Board

All Basic and Premium Club members will will have access to a private community board. This is like Facebook, but it's on my website so you don't have to be on FB!! Rae Anne will be here daily answering questions and supporting you every step of the way!

Club B.F.F. is for you if...

  • You're ready to ditch dieting and start living a full life with food you love.
  • You want guidance and support to learn better nutrition and lifestyle habits.
  • You need help cutting through all the confusing information about nutrition and fitness.
  • You desire accountability and support from a real coach.
  • You are willing to participate in group talks, challenges, and ask for help when you need it.
  • You are excited to be a part of a team of women supporting each other. 

Club B.F.F. is NOT for you if...

  • You just want to be skinny and don't care about health.
  • You constantly whine, complain and make excuses. 
  • You are not open-minded and willing to work on your own mindset.
  • You're not willing to support others.
  • You need one-on-one attention instead of a group.

There are two options available!

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What you get:


  • Monthly Challenge
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Monthly Coffee Talk on Zoom (awesome way to get personalized help and meet your tribe)!
  • Private Community (like FB, but in our own community). Get support daily!
  • Private Member's Only Portal to access guides, challenges, recipes and more.
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All of the Basic Features PLUS:

  • 4 New LIVE Workouts a Month! 
  • Printable workouts to take with you to the gym or do at home.
  • A growing library of workouts.
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Workshops & Challenges Planned for 2023

30 Day Mind & Body Reset (post holidays)

Goal Setting/ Vision Board for 2023

Fitness Challenge


Spring Clean the Mindset

Meditation Challenge

Cleaned Up Nutrition

Fundamentals of Nutrition Workshop

**These are not set in stone. The membership needs will drive the content based on results, requests and feedback.



Top features

  • Monthly Club Meeting/Group Zoom
  • Monthly Challenge
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Private Community (like FB, but in our own community)
  • Private Member's Only Portal to access guides, challenges, recipes and more
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Most Popular

All of the Basic Features PLUS:

  • 4 New LIVE Workouts a Month
  • Printable workouts
  • A growing library of workouts
JOIN NOW monthly