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March 2019

This month is all about MINDSET!

March is known for March Madness - a basketball tournament. BUT, March Madness also occurs in our minds. The season is starting to change, our to-do lists are only growing and we need structure in our worlds. Let me help you stay focused on your healthy living plan AND teach you how to use your mindset to push you further along the road of success.

I’ve been very busy getting ready for my first Women’s Wellness Retreat! I know not everyone could attend, but I promise that I will do more and hopefully you can go! Look for an announcement soon for the Fall 2019 retreat.

This month’s educational topic/presentation will be one from the retreat. We will discuss the Law of Attraction and how our mindset can bring more good to us if we focus on it. Our mindset can also bring us more negative stuff into our lives, if that’s what we focus on. Please join me for the presentation on March 18th! This is a game changer.

What’s On Tap this Month

  • Mindset Talk: Law of Attraction; Monday, March 18th at 7pm EST.

    Here is the LINK REPLAY the Session: REPLAY

    Worksheets for the Call are below under that Worksheet section!

  • Book Club was RESCHEDULED for Wednesday, March 13th at 8pm EST.

The book is the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. If you haven’t read it, grab your copy ASAP and join us for the discussion. This book seriously made me look at life differently and I’ve never been the same! Good stuff! Even if the book isn’t your style, do yourself a favor and give it a shot.


**Both events will be recorded, so you can play the replay when you’re ready.

  • 30 Day REBOOT Program is starting on March 25th!! This will be a nutrition and fitness program for you all! Be sure to invite friends to join us! This is a great way to get your friends and family involved in your healthy lifestyle journey! Ask me for details on how to get them to join you!


I will post worksheets and other resources as they come.

TREE OF LIFE Worksheet


Create Positive Affirmation Sheet

This is where you will access all the information for the 30 Day Reboot Program. Check back before the program starts to get your details.