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I know that if you are looking at this page, you've decided to take an active role in your wellness and lifestyle. 

I'm putting all of my passion and love for fitness, nutrition and mindset into this online coaching program.  Please read on to learn more!

What is the RAM life Program?

The RAM life is all about living a REALISTIC, ATTAINABLE AND MANAGEABLE lifestyle that strives to balance all areas of wellness including:

✔healthy and balanced nutrition

✔ exercise and movement

✔stress reduction and management

✔rest, recovery and healthy sleeping habits

✔holistic disease prevention

Finding a wellness program that works for you can be a challenge, especially with all the confusing information available, but when you have support and guidance on your side - YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING!  The group motivation and support you will receive from the RAM life program is the BEST you can get!

The RAM life program is perfect for women who:

  • Are tired of being ON and OFF a plan or program.

  • Want to stop dieting.

  • Are ready to live a BALANCED LIFE.

  • Want clarity and guidance around nutrition.

  • Desire a flexible and efficient metabolism no matter what stage of life she is in.

  • Understand exercise is important, but don’t want to spend hours in a gym.

  • Want a coach that will listen to them and meet them right where they are.

  • Enjoy eating and want to find easy ways to incorporate both tasty and waist-friendly meals into their daily lives.

  • Are ready to work on their attitude and mindset to live a happier life.

  • Crave a life with less stress and better sleep.

  • Enjoy learning.

  • Want to give and receive support from a community of other like-minded women.

  • Want guidance and support from an experienced coach.

The RAM life program is NOT meant for women:

  • Who want to lose weight for a short-term goal.

  • Who look for quick-fix solutions including pills, potions or lotions.

  • Who jump from plan to plan, gym to gym or trainer to trainer looking for the "magic" solution.

  • Who aren't willing to try new ideas and concepts to make changes in their lives.

Why did I start the RAM Life Program?

As a former overweight, unhappy, anti-depressant using, people-pleasing, sad mom, I knew there was more to life than catering to everyone around me and feeling physically and mentally beat.  After making it through my own weight loss and mindset-reset journey, I knew I could help other women that feel the same way!  I know that if I can do it, anyone can do it and I can show them how!

I truly believe I was put on this planet to help other women realize their potential and help them burst through their own limiting beliefs.  Whether it's through fitness training, nutrition counseling or just listening to them, I know that I can help any woman that is ready to be "better" than she is now. 

This group online program is a way for me to reach out to more women all over the country and even world! Even though I still offer one-on-one coaching sessions, I feel like the group support and camaraderie is unbeatable!  When you realize you are not alone in this world and that there are other women with similar feelings and struggles, you realize that you can get through anything. 

29 years old and 66 pounds heavier than now!

29 years old and 66 pounds heavier than now!

43 years old living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

43 years old living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Which Membership is BEST for you?

TWO great options available: The RAM Life BASIC and the RAM Life PLUS

What does the RAM life basic include?

  • A password-protected private membership portal with lots of resources. You have access to ALL of the information I've posted since 2015!

  • A Private Facebook Group full of like-minded women who will support and listen to YOU! This is the BEST part of the program - you will have an immediate sisterhood ready to see you succeed!

  • A knowledgeable, experienced coach available daily who can offer support, guidance and advice! I will offer coaching advice and support via our FB Group on a daily basis! Imagine having your own life coach, personal trainer and nutritionist on hand everyday! Access via Facebook only.

  • FUN! This group is not just another diet or fitness plan, it's a community full of fun women looking to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle!

  • Loads of relevant information & education including 1 monthly webinar. I will provide a lot of educational information to help you on this journey to a happy and fulfilling lifestyle! I will also have guest experts in many other fields that are pertinent to women issues and concerns.

  • Weekly LIVE Coaching sessions on FB Group with a special topic each week. We will talk mindset, nutrition, strength training, hormones, hydration, rest, recovery, alcohol consumption, cooking topics, etc...

  • Mini Challenges all month long to keep you on your toes!

  • Access to PROGRAMS including the New Year, New Beginning, Spring Detox, Summer Slim Down, Better You Boot Camp AND Hot for the Holidays. These will only be for MEMBERS of RAM Life.

  • Menus, recipes, cooking demos, etc…

  • Optional: Occasionally you may wish to receive more personalized attention from me. For an additional fee you can schedule 45 minute Coaching/Strategy calls with me at your convenience. During these calls you will be able to set specific goals and set up a plan to reach them! This is a discounted rate of $60/call (normally $100).

  • The BASIC RAM Life Program Pricing is $30/month.

Want EVEN more?

Consider Upgrading your RAM Life Membership to the RAM LIFE PLUS program!

What does the RAM LIFE PLUS include:

  • All of the features from the RAM Life Basic are included.

  • PLUS! 3 new, super effective and efficient workouts per week. HUGE VALUE!!!

    • Mon/Wed/Fri at 6am EST

    • Keep all workout videos to do at a later time if needed.

    • Variety of workouts every week.

    • Balanced, safe workouts that target your most-needed areas.

    • I will provide modifications for different fitness levels.

    • Access to me during the workouts and after via our Private FB Group.

    • Group support for the workouts as well!

    • No gym needed - just a few pieces of equipment at home can get you a total body workout!

  • It's like having a personal fitness trainer, nutritionist and life coach on call 24/7!

  • Cost of RAM Life PLUS is a low $50/month! JUST REDUCED FROM $65!

What are Women Saying about RAM Life Online?


Just wanted to share...today I received my results of my Metabolic Testing through work. All of my test results (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) improved since last year and I credit this to the RAM Life online program. With this program Rae Anne Mullins has worked with me to help me reach my goals. While my weight loss is still a challenge I feel so much better about myself knowing that what I am doing is creating a better/healthier me. Thank you Rae Anne for never giving up and always being there for me!  Kelly Dillard, at home office worker

Fran R test 2.PNG

Thanks for another great workout! I really appreciate the way you show the moves and different options. I've had a hard time with video workouts before since I couldn't always catch the moves quickly enough.  Thanks for doing these workouts in your program!  I do the workouts just from the paper somedays, but today I followed along with the video. It's so much more fun with you! You made me laugh several times! Ellen Dockham, homeschool mom and tennis fan

Thanks Rae Anne for keeping it real! Makes such a difference when I don't feel guilty because life happens.  Thanks for showing us ways to maintain even during the hardest times.  Sue Simmons, retired busy lady


Let's Get Started Today!

Select the Membership Option you Prefer Below.  You can create a private membership.  Once you sign up, I will email you more information about your membership!  Congratulations on taking your health and life seriously!

Rae Anne Mullins, Fitness & Wellness Coaching for Real Life.  As a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, certified nutrition consultant, fitness studio owner and as a woman who lost 66 pounds and kept it off for 12 years, I know a thing or two about making life changes.  I help women live their best life by teaching them to plan ahead, exercise effectively, eat for fat loss and create an unstoppable mindset.  I help women realize it IS POSSIBLE to lose weight and keep it off for life by incorporating easy techniques, tasty meals and effective and time-efficient workouts.  I believe you can be fit and happy and still enjoy your favorite foods and activities.  Join me to see what the RAM Life is all about and see how YOU can live your best life too.