I first started with Rae Anne in June 2010 for the early morning boot camps. I loved the variety of activities and although challenging, Rae Anne made them so fun. Then I tried a spin class and never looked back! It’s so nice to have a place to work out without feeling self conscious or feel that you are being judged. It’s fun to try the different classes that pop up during the month and I look forward to seeing what Rae Anne has planned for the next month. She is so encouraging and respects all of her clients and their abilities.”
— Denise R.
Dedication, affirmation, acceptance, realistic goals, friendships. Those are some of the words I think of when some of my friends that haven’t seen me in a while ask what I’ve been doing to look healthier and slimmer. I had exercised on and off for years but it was not until I came to RAM over a year ago that I realized how much what I ate affected my total self. With Rae Anne’s guidance I embarked on a journey taking the challenge to recognize how certain foods and workouts affected my total self. Rae Anne gets to know her clients one on one and knows how to maximize each work out with them. I’m amazed how she makes each class different and encourages all of us no matter what our level is. I find myself getting stronger each day and don’t always see the changes others do but there is always positive reinforcement. Sometimes we just don’t feel like exercising but I feel so much better after class.”
— Gillian C.
I love working with Rae Anne; not only is she interested to earn your business up front and help you through goal-setting, but she is just as passionate with helping you achieve results along the way. She would even frequently text me to see how I was doing and provide constant positive feedback and encouragement when I needed it the most. She pours her heart and soul into helping you meet your results. If you’re looking for a passionate trainer who genuinely loves working with you one on one to meet your goals, Rae Anne is absolutely the right choice!”
— Jesscia C.
I started coming to Rae Anne with a couple of friends because I wanted to incorporate some cross training into my exercise plan as a runner. I have enjoyed it from day one, feeling welcome, comfortable and challenged each time I’m there.

Attending the boot camp classes, I always look forward to what the class will have to offer. Each session is different which keeps it exciting and new!

I also participated in the “Little Black Dress” eating challenge. This was a great way for me to get back on track with healthier eating and to try new, healthy foods. As an extremely picky eater this has always been a challenge for me. Thanks to Rae Anne’s support and the eating plan she provided I was able to do it!

I’m happy to say that the boot camp classes and the eating challenge have improved my running and overall feeling of being more physically fit.”
— Holly J.

I was active and exercised semi-regularly but did not use weights or do muscle toning. My philosophy was if it makes you groan than put it down!!! Rae Anne has helped me to change my life, health status and body. My body fat was in the “fair” zone and I was definitely flabby but was in my “ideal body weight” zone. I have lost two clothing sizes which is great but most importantly Rae Anne helped me get through a health crisis. At a doctor’s visit I discovered I was pre diabetic and had a poor A1-C blood sugar outcome. Rae Anne gave me tips on improving my diet and I increased my exercise. Two months later my blood sugars were normal. Rae Anne has coached me through a couple of injuries and altered exercise routines to accommodate my physical needs. She is a great coach, trainer and nutrition consultant.
— Deanna T.

I never have been a particularly athletic person or a regular exerciser until I met Rae Anne. I can remember not being able to do a sit-up in high school and I hated running! I have been working out with Rae Anne since before she opened her own studio. I met her in a fitness center when I signed up for boot camp and was thinking to myself “what have I done?”.

I love working out with Rae Anne!. She really cares about your well-being and she loves helping you reach your goals. Rae Anne challenges you, but is also sensitive to your individual needs. I need to be challenged and need to have the accountability that someone cares whether I am there or not. Rae Anne offers workouts that have enough variety that you do not get burned out doing the same thing over and over like you would in a gym setting. It keeps things interesting. I have seen great results from my time of participating her programs!

I am 60 years old now and feel I am in the best physical shape I have ever been in. At work we are required to see a nurse at least once a year that evaluates us through bloodwork, weight, blood pressure, heart rate and body fat percentage. My numbers have steadily improved every year since I have been working with Rae Anne and I now come in on the lower side of the body fat percentage scale for my age.

I thank Rae Anne for helping me work to be the best me I can be. My husband appreciates it too and it comes in handy when playing with my five grandchildren!”
— Marsha C.

All I cared about was losing the rest of the weight to reach my goal, but coming to Rae Anne has helped me surpass my goal and has changed my life and transformed my body! Working out and living a healthy lifestyle has become a passion of mine. Rae Anne has been the key to my transformation and continued success throughout this journey. I am forever grateful and couldn’t have done it without her knowledge, help and encouragement!”
— Tanya A.