Hi! I'm Coach Rae Anne

Since 1995 I have worked in the fitness industry helping both men and women realize their true strength. 

During this long journey I have seen big changes in myself from both a physical standpoint AND a mental standpoint. Through the process of learning more and more about fitness, nutrition, and life in general, I have transformed my life and have been able to help many others do the same.

In 2017, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. After struggling for a few years with heartburn, fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, and aching joints, I finally had a diagnosis I could work with. Since then, I have learned all I can about Hashimoto's and thyroid health. I have taken my drive and passion for health and have become the Hashi Boss! I am determined to help other people with the same autoimmune disease learn how to manage symptoms so they too can live their happiest and pain-free life!

At one point during this time I gained over 70 pounds!

Ok, I was pregnant, but I didn’t lose the weight after having my daughter. Then I got pregnant again and gained even more weight. 

Due to this weight gain, I figured no one would ever take me seriously as a fitness instructor or personal trainer ever again, so I threw in the towel and started Rae Anne’s Cookies – a small home-based cookie business. 

Fortunately, I had to shut down the business because I wasn’t willing to give up my family pet. I say fortunately because I was eating more cookies than I was selling. Not good for the figure, not good for the mind and not good for the wallet. So – Rae Anne’s Cookies (although tasty) are now gone for good!


After having one of those “ah -ha” moments one early morning back in 2005, I dusted off my fitness instructor certifications, got a job teaching classes at a women’s gym and started to completely turn my world around.

By being an overweight instructor, I was given a gift. A gift of helping other women who were in the same situation. 

I have been there and I have changed my own lifestyle and continue to live this way. I am able to connect with women who are struggling and need someone to help them. 

I was just like them and know what it takes to make it to the other side.

I dove head-first into training, coaching and teaching women how to exercise better and more efficiently, how to choose better foods for their metabolism and how to start creating a strong mindset. I did this at my fitness studio and through my work with the City of Greensboro and several other corporations around the Triad.

During all of these years I started noticing that the people who were seeing the most results and sticking with the new lifestyle I was teaching them, were the people that were fully engaged in all aspects of the program.


Not just fitness, not just dieting, not just willpower. The people who really made a difference in their lives were the ones that changed their nutrition habits, worked out efficiently, listened to their bodies, worked on their mindset and attitude. 

These are the women that I can help and the women I want to continue to help.

I am thrilled to be able to offer my services not only in-person, but online so that I can reach more women who need a helping hand. 

I want to help women feel happier, sexier, more alive than they ever have and live life to the fullest. This can be done and I can help!