This may sound strange coming from a nutrition, fitness and lifestyle coach, but here goes...I'm not all that interested in you losing weight. Let me explain. I hear so many people say “if I could just lose X pounds, I will finally be happy,” or “Once I lose this weight, I'll go on a vacation,” or “If I could just lose weight, I would…” WHAT??!! You need to live now and not wait until you reach what you believe is your perfect size.

As a coach, I want to help you start living your best life right now. If you work on your happiness first, a lot of the body stuff will begin to fall into place. Through good nutrition, a healthy gut, a full night’s sleep, time with friends, appropriate exercise, positive self-talk and gratitude, you can reach your goals. I’m interested in you as a whole person and in helping you achieve not only your weight loss goals but all your goals for a healthy and happy life.

Let me help you get there.


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Balanced Results

I believe that BALANCE is key to success in all areas of life!  I want to help you incorporate realistic and effective tools in your life to create your own balance.

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