Become The BOSS Of Your Habits & Hashimoto’s.  

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Photo of Rae Anne, Hashi Boss cutting vegetables

Hashimoto's Nutrition Coaching

Let me teach you how to eat to gain more vitality and confidence while getting rid of inflammation, heartburn, brain fog and excess weight. 

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Hashimoto's Fitness Coaching

Finding the best fitness solution is a critical piece of your Hashimoto’s healing journey. Let me help you find your best fitness routine.

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Hashimoto's Recovery Support

Good nutrition and exercise are important, but rest and recovery are a must. I’ll teach you how to recover your body, mind and soul. 

What is a Hashi Boss?

A Hashi Boss is anyone diagnosed with Hashimoto’s that has decided Hashimoto’s will not rule their life! A Hashi Boss takes control of their own nutrition, movement, stress management and sleep by taking the drive and dedication they apply to the rest of their life to their own healing journey!

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Hey there, I´m Rae Anne, The Hashi Boss!

My over 25 years of experience in both the fitness and nutrition industry has led me to working with people who are newly diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and/or Hypothyroidism.  

I personally took my own experience and knowledge to reverse my own Hashimoto’s symptoms. I was a worn-out fitness coach who was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in 2017. Since then I have made it my mission to help other women and men prevent or manage their own Hashimoto’s symptoms. Through balanced nutrition, effective exercise, and a major focus on stress management, I can help you too become your own Hashi Boss!

I believe that the answer is achieved through 

Lifestyle Habits | Exercise | Attitude | Nutrition



Manage Stress

Move the body


what my clients are saying


Kamine H.

Fitness & Nutrition Client

“I’m excited to share how my journey with Rae Anne Mullins has changed my life! Since joining Rae Anne in January 2020, I’ve learned how to live a healthier lifestyle, through Rae Anne’s mindset talks, nutrition and exercise. I have more energy, my health (and my knees) have greatly improved. The best part? I’ve lost over 50 pounds!! Thank you, Rae Anne, for helping me live a more abundant life!”

Dara L.

Nutrition & Fitness Client

Crossing paths with Rae Anne and the Balance Method has truly been life changing. It’s not a diet. I am in control. The program is presented in a format that can be revisited. The regular group chat sessions help me to stay on track, and remind me that I am not alone. I am more in-sync with my whole self – mind and body. I have witnessed the inches and pounds coming off my body, and the confidence and calm in my thinking and day-to-day activities. Absolutely the best decision I’ve ever made for my well-being!”

The difference between where you are and where you want to be is what you do

Knowing WHAT to do is critical! That’s where I come in. I can help assess where you are now and help  create a plan to get you where you want to be. All you have to do is follow the plan we agree on together, ask for help when needed, and flourish!

Listen to The Balanced, Fit & Free Podcast

The Balanced, Fit & Free Podcast is all about balance and living your best, most energetic, and happy life! This podcast is for everyone that wants to live their best life. All the lessons are appropriate and encouraged for anyone with Hashimoto’s. (A new episode comes out every Tuesday!)

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3 Tips to Reversing Hashimoto’s + 7-Day Nutrition Guide

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